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Oil and Gas Architect

London, London
Oil and Gas Architect

6-12 months


Rate will be £28ph Ltd Co
Senior Oil and Gas Architect:
Will have experience of building drawing and specification production for middle east industrial buildings and facilities for process, non-process  and accommodation usage. Applies intensive and diverse knowledge of architectural principles and engineering practices applicable to the industry.  Independently makes decisions on architectural problems and methods, and resolves special technical questions.  Uses drafting software and 3D modelling tools as needed.

A.  Supervision Received

§   Receives operational supervision and technical assignments from the Chief Engineer / or Engineering Supervisor.  Objectives are defined; consults with supervisor on unusual aspects or developments.  May receive technical guidance from a Principal Architect.

B.  Supervision Exercised

§   Advises supervising engineer of manpower requirements to meet schedule requirements and allocates and supervises work carried out by junior architects and designers carrying out architectural drafting activities. Provides technical guidance to architects, engineers or designers as required.

C.  Contacts

§   Maintains contacts with project engineers, client responsible engineer and other disciplines to ensure building design meets requirements. Will contact suppliers as needed to ensure materials and  products specified are suitable and consistent with project specifications and Bechtel standards.
§   Advises, reviews and monitors Architectural activities carried out for project by other offices and 3rd parties.
Craig Bell
Swan Recruitment Ltd.

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