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Senior Pipeline Engineer – Onshore - Woking

Woking, .

Senior Pipeline Engineer – Onshore


The role is outside IR35

Scope of Services:
Services to be supported during the duration of the contract include performing Onshore Pipeline Engineering related to the following design tasks – in relation to Concept, FEED, Consultancy Studies, and Detailed Design Engineering projects: 

•    Route selection 
•    Wall thickness design
•    Pipe to soil interaction assessment
•    Expansion analysis
•    Fully restrained and unrestrained stress analysis of onshore flowlines/pipelines using AutoPIPE
•    Large radius hot or cold route bend design 
•    Upheaval buckling mitigation design
•    Crossing design
•    Road crossing calculations
•    Fatigue assessment
•    Pipeline installation analysis
•    Material specifications and datasheets
•    Survey specifications
•    Fabrication specifications
•    Construction specifications
•    Material take-offs

In addition to the above design tasks the following additional service tasks may be requested if the Service provider is capable of carrying them out:
•    High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) pipeline design.
•    Strain-based design.
•    Design of subsea pipelines.
•    Design of subsea cables and umbilicals.
•    Use of Sage Profile 2D/3D and ABAQUS FEA Software.
•    Use of DNVGL spreadsheets/tools such as Fatfree, Stablelines.
•    Integrity management, inspection, and decommissioning.

The specific services to be provided will be called off as part of the purchase order – which will confirm the specific project and duration of services required. A requirement to undertake additional services shall be mutually agreed by way of contract amendment.
The service provider will be competent and experienced to deliver the services required, and as a minimum have the following qualifications and experience:

•    Mechanical/Civil engineering (or equivalent) background
•    Engineering Degree
•    A strong understanding of pipeline mechanical design engineering principles 
•    Post-graduation experience of carrying out pipeline design calculations and assessments; using Excel, MathCAD and AutoPIPE

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