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ICSS Engineer (Cyber Security Expert)

London, London
Below Knowledge essential:
  • The candidate shall be able to produce following deliverables independently and develop frame documents for the ICSS Network equipment life cycle and various other aspects regarding network design and maintenance:
    1. Digital Security Philosophy
    2. Network Monitoring Policy
    3. Backup & Restore Policy
    4. Emergency Response Plan
    5. Business Continuity Plan
  • ICSS Architecture has been developed using ISA99 models, hence individual should be capable to own the current system architecture and work independently in testing ICSS networks and areas/packages/applications that concern digital security with a focus on ISA99 security levels 3, 3.5 & 4 and any network equipment and software packages falling in these security levels.
  • Candidate is required to understand and close the actions related to digital security audit and perform/be fully conversant on Digital/Cyber Security Risk Assessments.
  • Candidate is expected to have familiarity to CHAZOP (Control Systems HAZOP) and be able to work on various actions to be closed as part of CHAZOP assessment.
  • Candidate must be fully proficient in understanding and applying physical network design aspects as well as be familiar with various Network Architectures/topologies & applications for a typical ICSS network for well known Main Automation Contractor systems in the current market (e.g. Yokogawa (preferable), Honeywell, Emerson etc.).
  • Candidate must be able to perform FAT on network software packages and network hardware design.
  • Candidate shall have good all round knowledge of various systems in the ICSS design and supervisory level software packages and ideally shall have application configuration experience.

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