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Document Controller/Technical Clerk

London, .
Document Controller/Technical Clerk

North West London

12 months plus

Rate to candidate:          £14.50/hr 

Start Date:                       will be asap

Status                                Agency – full time (40 hr week)

The candidate needs to be excellent with Excel (able to create graphs/manipulate data etc), attention to details, and handle work under pressure.  There will be an Excel test at interview.

Job Description:

We are seeking an experienced, professional document control practitioner to join our team. The successful candidate shall exhibit qualities that can provide a professional service to our customers at its highest standards, on time, and to meet project goals. Operating as part of the project document control team you will report to the project document control lead or supervisor for a specific area (vendor, design etc). You will be responsible for maintaining document control processes. Document control processes have evolved over the years such that Document handling will primarily be electronic. Work will involve processing of documents in the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), recording data to describe the documents accurately is paramount. The successful candidate must be able to exhibit experience of processing Design Documents, Vendor Documents, Procurement Documents etc. This includes data input, quality checking, exporting, importing and maintenance through to archive of hard copy and electronic project files.

Document integrity is very important to us the candidate will need to demonstrate their understanding of what to look for when checking physical documents against the electronic record. It is expected that the candidate will have the patience and attention to detail to be able to process documents efficiently and develop their experience to be able to intuitively spot and address potential problems before they become a problem. Document content quality is the responsibility of the document owner (Engineer etc). The document control role is responsible for quality checking in respect of format, numbering, readability etc. The ideal candidate will need to have the confidence to work with the document control team to get document owners to adhere to procedure in an appropriate way. We require a committed and reliable person who is flexible to changes, will seek guidance as appropriate, and be able to work under pressure

Person Specification:  Can do attitude, flexible, able to follow a work process to the letter but we encourage innovation and will entertain improvement suggestions. - Essential.  Good communication skills, there will be a need to keep regular contact with personnel in remote offices via telephone and email to facilitate the process. – Essential.  Ability to exhibit an understanding of the lifecycles of different types of document within an Engineering, Procurement and Construction environment.  Attention to detail, ability to spot irregularities in documents.  Ability to use and maintain an accurate Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), to include full version control and population of properties - InfoWorks (Documentum) - Preferred.  Ability to use Excel as a tool, capability to accurately maintain an excel spreadsheet as required. Essential  Experience of using bulk load techniques - Preferred but not essential  Able to run reliable reports from the EDMS system such that they can stand by the results – Essential (Note: the candidate will not be expected to write reports).  Experience of uploading and downloading documents from a file transfer medium. - Essential - (eRoom – preferred).  Operating scanners with sufficient understand such that a quality scan is obtained while minimising file size. - Essential  Working to deadlines and managing time. We anticipate the flow of documents to fluctuate. The ability to manage workload and be flexible to work additional hours, when required, at short notice.
Craig Bell
Swan Recruitment Ltd.

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