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Mechanical Fitter - Portsmouth Dockyard

Portsmouth, .
Mechanical Fitter 

£45,000 on a 1 year fixed term contract / equivalent hourly rate on a PAYE basis.

Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

This role is inside IR35 and as such need to be PAYE and it is based in the naval base in Portsmouth for 3 months on a pro rata salary of £45,000 per annum for 42 hour working Week on a weekly shift Rota basis as shown below and a base line security clearance (BPSS) will need to undertake as part of the section process.
Continuous Shift – Boiler House Only
Continuous shift working, normally operated in Facilities Services, enables 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year working cover with four personnel.  Refer to Annex B  Continuous Shift Agreement (8 May 2000) for the full shift pattern agreement.
Shift Pattern and Weekly Hours - This shift pattern requires employees to work an average 42 hour week based on a four week shift cycle 
Rest Breaks - The shift pattern includes a ½ hour paid rest break which is to be taken whilst working the shift.  The time at which this break is taken is at the discretion of the Manager and/or when circumstances dictate. 
Bank Holidays and Overtime - Where this is necessary the appropriate overtime rate or shift premium will apply as detailed in Support Pay Rates
Annual Leave - Annual leave entitlement will be calculated based on the average weekly hours (42 hours) and does attract the shift premium.  A full day’s leave will equate to 8 hours, a half days leave to 4 hours and a week’s leave equates to the relevant week in the five week cycle
  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 06:00-14:00 06:00-14:00 06:00-14:00 06:00-14:00 06:00-14:00 06:00-18:00 06:00-18:00
Week 2 R R R 22:00-06:00 22:00-06:00 18:00-06:00 18:00-06:00
Week 3 22:00-06:00 22:00-06:00 22:00-06:00 R R R R
Week 4 14:00-22:00 14:00-22:00 14:00-22:00 14:00-22:00 14:00-22:00
From time to time there may be a need for individuals to work extra shifts, on a mutually acceptable basis, to cope with absence or an unforeseen workload.
Normally, individuals will be given 24 hours’ notice of such a request, although in exceptional circumstances this request may be made up to one hour after the start time of a shift.
Individuals who are called in to work will be paid as if they started work at the normal starting time of the shift, providing they report for duty within 1 hour of being contacted.
Any extra hours worked in providing such cover will attract the appropriate overtime premiums.
Further information on the role is shown below:
Position Title: Boiler House Fitters X2
Business: KBS Maritime Sub Area:  
Generic Role Title: Boiler House Fitter Generic Job Title: Boiler House Fitter
Core Duties (Key Day to Day Tasks, ideally 10 – 12 points) 
The role holder will:
  • Have experience working in a Boiler House, operating Steam Boilers and be BOAS qualified.
  • Carry out a trade specific Take 5 plus 5 dynamic risk assessment before every task.
  • Abide by all Risk Assessments, KBS Maritime polices and the law.
  • Ensure all tools and equipment that are used are suitable, fit for purpose and in date for any inspection required.
  • Attend all training courses, TBT and briefings where possible.
  • Carry out planned and reactive maintenance, overhaul and repair on steam boilers or other equipment within the Boiler House.
  • Carry out a check of all docks, locks and pump houses once per shift.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with customers, managing their expectations and needs.
  • Complete works as detailed by Team Leader
  • Report all accidents, incidents and near misses via the appropriate reporting tool.
  • Have a KBS Maritime issued mobile phone to unsure full mobile working capability.
  • Use take 5 card process and report any near misses.
  • Be able to operate in a shift environment including 24/7 365 days a year (inc all Bank holidays)
The role holder will:
  • Have experience working in a Boiler House, operating Steam Boilers and be BOAS qualified.
  • Completed passport training courses.
  • Have experience using and operating BMS systems.
Business Expertise (Requirements of the position for knowledge and expertise about the business rather than the technical expertise)  
The role holder will:
  • Clear understanding of Project Milestones.
  • Clear understanding of the Naval Support environment and customer base.
  • Clear understanding of the KBS Maritime strategy.
  • Clear understanding of the organisation and where they fit in.
Leadership (Requirements of the position for providing leadership and guidance to others)  
  •  Nil
Problem Solving (Breadth of mental skills required in order to perform the position)  
The role holder requires:
A logical, analytical approach to pragmatic and effective problem solving.
An ability to seek alternatives / innovative solutions to resolve issues.
To be able to work under pressure and be able to schedule, coordinate and to maintain efficiency.
To fully understand procedures and be role holder confident in solutionising from these procedures.
To make straightforward judgements by selecting appropriate solution from defined guidelines.
To demonstrate the importance of meeting time, cost and quality requirements by always striving to achieve and exceed them.
? To understand the financial and quality impact of your work.
Interpersonal Skills (type of people skills required to perform the job)  
The role holder will require:
  • Must be polite and courteous.
  • Good communication skills while interacting with customers, management, stakeholders and other staff members.
  • Take instructions from management.
  • Code of Conduct training.
In addition to the above we would welcome applications from experience Mechanical Fitters with experience in steam or boiler houses. The option exists for mechanical fitters interested in being trained in this area.
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