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Geoscientist dedicated to Energy Transition activities - London Victoria (hybrid working)

London, .

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Geoscientist dedicated to Energy Transition activities




London Victoria (hybrid working)

Reports to:

Exploration Team Leader
£650-700pd Neg - INSIDE IR35


The Resource is dedicated to Energy Transition projects of Eni UK.
The purpose of the resource activity is therefore to develop and evaluate Energy Transition opportunities with particular focus on Carbon and Hydrogen storage projects, through interpretation of geological, geophysical, subsurface data. Identify/promote areas for new Energy Transition Licences (e.g. CCS Licences). Working scale can be either regional or local depending on the need.

Key responsibilities cover the following areas:
  • Interpretation of Geophysical and geological data.
  • Energy Transition initiatives generation and evaluation.
  • Identification and evaluation of areas for New Venture  licencing.
  • Planning/preparation of geological/geophysical work programmes.
  • Identification and application of the best geoscience evaluation techniques.

If the company activity requires it, the Resource could be involved in Oil & Gas projects. The same accountabilities reported below for Energy Transition activities will be applied in the process of hydrocarbon prospects development and evaluation.


Main Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
  • To interpret geological & geophysical data in order to identify and define Energy Transition initiatives, identify storage structures and evaluate storage capacity, perform geological models, evaluate facies distribution.
  • To develop knowledge of subsurface factors that determine the suitability of a reservoir for CCS.
  • To evaluate previous geological and geophysical interpretations and reports and literature relevant to project area, recommend and plan further work to achieve project objective.
  • To evaluate containment risk and storage potential using Eni’s tools and procedures.
  • To collaborate with other members of the team, both internal and external such as specialists of the Corporate Technical Services or Contractors, and to participate in the project discussions and synthesis of the overall results.
  • To recommend reprocessing or acquisition of new geological and geophysical data or special studies to contribute to achieve project objectives.
  • To contribute to the design and plan geological and geophysical work programmes within budget constraints for Eni operated areas, ensuring the final product matches the original specification.
  • To ensure Partners’ geological & geophysical work programmes in non-operated acreage are technically sound and are completed to the required standards and within budget constraints.
  • To present technical work to Eni Management and Partners.
  • To prepare reports and data packages and participate in the assurance reviews defined by the Eni MSG process (technical and economic validations).
  • To prepare reports, presentations and data packages for partners, authorities and government agencies.
  • To propose exchange of well and seismic data with other companies and, after approval, carry them out.
  • To identify and promote potential new areas for Eni investments through analysis and interpretation of regional data.
  • To contribute to New Venture Activities and Licence Round Applications.
  • To keep abreast of developments in geological & geophysical acquisition, processing and interpretation techniques, in geoscience and regional geological knowledge, monitoring technical literature and participating in seminars.
  • Mentor and develop members of the EXP team – students and interns.
  • To develop know-how for Geophysical and Monitoring Operations regarding the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical, Seismic, 4D seismic, geodesy, remote sensing, Geotechnical, microseismic and any further technology deemed necessary to the scope of handling and make profitable usage of Surface, Subsurface and Well data.
  • To contribute to the planification and execution of Measurement, Monitoring and Verification activities such as 4D seismic, geodesy, remote sensing, Geotechnical, microseismic and any further technology deemed necessary to the scope.
  • Monitor developments in CCS and Energy Transition geoscience and flag any development that could be applicable to Eni’s projects.
  • To fully comply with Eni Code of Ethics and Compliance Model.
  • To fully comply with the HSE Critical roles should your position contain any HSE Critical tasks / duties.  Please refer to the UK HSE IMS C1-SYS-01 – HSE Critical Roles – accessible via the Eni UK Intranet


Qualifications & Experience:
  • Master’s Degree in Petroleum Geoscience
  • Previous relevant experience as a geoscientist with an E&P company
  • Competent evaluator of geological and geophysical data
  • Proficient/highly skilled in use of G&G technical Workstation/PC applications
  • Knowledge of seismic interpretation and geophysical techniques, prospect generation, structural geology, salt tectonics, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, with expertise or specialist knowledge in some areas.
  • Knowledge of the UK Continental Shelf geological province and DecisionSpace software will be beneficial.

Working Conditions:
  • Flexibility to work additional hours to meet operational requirements.
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