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Marine Advisor - London Victoria

London, .
Marine Advisor

Operations Support (Logistic)

Victoria, London

9 months initially (should extend to long term)

Reports to:

Logistic Manager

£500-550pd INSIDE IR35
Marine operations are ranging from the coordination , and assurances, of the following vessels/activities
  1. offshore supplies by the use of DP Vessels;
  2. subsea survey with survey and ROV vessels;
  3. subsea works for P&A and Decommissioning works by use of Diving, ROV and Multipurpose Vessel;
  4. heavy lift vessels for platform decommissioning;
  5. rig/jack up towing;

To provide marine support for the conduct of safe and efficient all marine operations.
The role provides marine support function to the Logistic Manager.
The expectation is to create through intense training a strong expertise as Marine adviser to become a reference for skills and competence in marine activities
Main Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
The Marine Adviser is acting for performing his duties in a responsible manner in compliance with HQ Policies. In particular:
  • Ensure all marine operations are complying with Company’s HS&E policies, procedures and standards, national & international legislation and industry Best Practice;
  • Ensure that the marine spread is suitable, and optimized, for the scope of work;
  • Ensure implementation of suitable Safety Management System (SMS) for all employed vessels;
  • Ensure proper monitoring of vessels performance;
  • Ensure proper audits under OCIMF/OVID and/or IMCA/CMID are regularly conducted and findings are properly follow up on yearly basis and/or before entering in use;
  • Ensure fitness of offshore installations to the vessels employed (collision impact, approach, evacuation, etc);
  • Ensure support in the management of the Rig Move including the supply of Tugs, Rig’s positioning and Seabed stabilisation;
  • Management of Marine Services (marine warranties certifications, marine assurance, etc);
  • Assist procurement in the tender evaluation;
  • Assist contract administrator;
  • Assist the preparation of budget & forecast of the marine costs to ensure optimisation and evaluate alternatives;
  • Maintain updated the Company Database;
  • Management of the Emergency to ensure a proper Rescue & Recovery of personnel by ERRV;
  • To fully comply with the HSE Critical roles should your position contain any HSE Critical tasks / duties.  Please refer to the UK HSE IMS C1-SYS-01 – HSE Critical Roles
  • To fully comply with Code of Ethics and Law 231 principles
Main Interfaces:

  • Reports directly to the Logistic Manager
  • Works closely with Well operation department, Procurement and Finance department, Liverpool Bay Operations Manager and Field and Offshore Manager
  • Liaises with operational staff on a regular basis
  • Liaises and works closely with HSE
  • Liaises with HQ Logistics function
  • Materials and equipment suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Various other Government Bodies including HSEx, OGA, BEIS, OPRED, HCA,CAA as needed;
  • Joint Venture Partners
Qualifications & Experience:
  • Marine Professional with previous experience in a similar role.
  • Experience in the management of marine assets within the marine offshore oil and gas industry
  • Vessel quality and technical inspection experience is preferred.
Required Competencies/Knowledge:
  • Fluent knowledge of English;
  • Knowledge of naval engineering & construction codes, standards and best practices;
  • Understanding varying stability terms such as TPC, KG, shear and bending forces;
  • Knowledge of industry relevant operational procedures;
  • Understand effects of equipment failure e.g. pump malfunction or failure; instrument failure;
  • Knowledge of installation’s collision avoidance procedures;
  • Understand consequences of units operating outside normal parameters;
  • Knowledge of hose deployment and connection procedure, including safety aspects;
  • Understanding Ship Handling Principle;
  • Knowledge of all the component that make up the Mooring System;
  • Compliance with all mandatory and statutory training requirements as per Competency Profile and Liverpool Bay HSE Competency Matrix/Profile;
Working Conditions:
Office based, with regular visits to offshore and onshore offices and facilities



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