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Risk Lead on the Sellafield Digital Asset Management Programme - Cumbria (hybrid working)

Cumbria, .
Risk Lead on the Sellafield Digital Asset Management Programme

6 month contract with a Ltd Co. target rate £500 per day (£62.5 ph) negotiable

The role will be based three days per week on site in Cumbria and two days remote working with travel to Warrington Office potentially once per month

The role is likely to be outside IR35 but the final decision will be made after a Qdos assessment

Job Description
The role is part of the PPP support to the Digital Asset Management (DAM) programme within Sellafield. The PPP support to DAM is an integrated project team with members from PPP and Sellafield’s asset management capability.

The DAM programme is a site wide delivery improvement programme supporting Sellafield’s improvement requirements, the programme aims to address a number of issues with Sellafield’s asset management arrangements with a targeted outcome of: “An integrated information line of sight from the asset through to the enterprise that integrates activities across the asset lifecycle, removes the burden of paper-based work processes from our teams and engages everyone in the use of modern digital technologies to inform decision making”

Role Responsibilities:

The Risk Lead is responsible for risk management within the DAM Project as part of the wider DAM Programme. The Risk Lead will have to manage the risks as part of a nested system working closely with the Sellafield Asset Management Capability and their risk managers, wider PPP teams and Sellafield Asset Owners.

Main duties include:
•    Conduct risk assessments to identify potential risks and develop risk management plans.
•    Develop and implement project specific risk management policies and procedures to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.
•    Collaborate with project team and wider stakeholders to ensure that risk management strategies are effectively integrated into planning, development and deployment.
•    Monitor and report on risk-related activities to project management and wider stakeholders.
•    Develop and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including Sellafield asset management capability, regulators, and auditors.
•    Review and analyse data to identify trends and emerging risks.
•    Ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

The Risk Lead works closely with the Project Manager to ensure that the project is delivered on budget. The Cost Controller will also work with the PPP and Sellafield teams to align requirements of financial reporting and to manage the ongoing relationships which each area.
Experience, Skills and Knowledge:

•    Proven track record of successfully implementing risk management strategies.
•    Experience in conducting risk assessments, risk modelling, and risk identification in complex business environments.
•    In-depth knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards related to risk management.
•    Strong understanding of financial analysis and the ability to assess the financial impact of risk exposures.
•    Previous experience in crisis management and the development of contingency plans for risk events.
•    Proficiency in utilising risk management frameworks such as ISO 31000, COSO, or NIST.
•    Experience in coordinating risk-related activities with cross-functional teams and senior management.
•    Demonstrated ability to produce comprehensive risk reports and communicate risk-related information effectively.
•    Familiarity with risk management software and tools for data analysis and risk reporting.
•    Ability to continuously stay updated with emerging risks and advancements in risk management practices.
•    Strong problem-solving skills and the capability to develop innovative solutions to address risks.
•    Competent with MS Office:
o    Advanced skills in using Microsoft Office tools, including Excel for data analysis, Word for documentation, and PowerPoint for presentations.
o    Ability to generate reports, charts, and graphs to effectively communicate project-related information.
•    Good Communication Skills:
o    Excellent verbal and written communication abilities, enabling clear and effective interaction with team members, stakeholders, and management.
o    Capable of presenting complex cost and schedule data in a comprehensible manner to diverse audiences.
o    Proficient in active listening, facilitating discussions, and resolving conflicts through effective communication.
•    Willing to Chase People for Info (Self-starter):
o    Self-motivated and proactive in seeking out necessary information and data from relevant stakeholders to support risk planning activities.
o    Persistent in following up with team members and stakeholders to obtain timely inputs for cost and schedule updates.
o    Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently to drive project success.
•    Hold or be capable of obtaining government clearance (SC/SL – Nuclear)  

•    Experience of working in a regulated sector, preference of nuclear.
•    Experience of ARM.


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